According to Environmental Working Group, the average woman uses 12 products containing 168 different ingredients daily.  Daily!  And that’s not including our daily exposure to toxins in the environment and foods we eat. EWG also states that many cosmetic chemicals are designed to penetrate into the skin’s inner layers, and actually do.  So not cool.

Becoming a esthetician over 18 years ago sparked my interest and expanded my knowledge of ingredients.  Hearing the rumor of aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants potentially causing cancer,  I decided to try natural deodorant formulas.  The key word here is try.  Honestly speaking, there are important times when I just couldn’t risk having anything unpleasant happening in the underarm area (the first date with my now boyfriend, the interview for my dream job).  After purchasing many different brands that worked okay, I was thrilled to find one that actually worked and it comes in the chicest little bottle to boot.  If you are seeking to a safer alternative, I’d give this one my highest (beauty) mark.

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