Just Roll With It
This pretty, ancient Chinese beauty tool is known to boost lymphatic circulation, help alleviate puffiness while promoting deeper penetration of your skincare products for their maximum absorption. Possibly, the next best thing to an estheticians hands. The pressure of the roller also helps release facial tension, easing fine lines similarly to facial massage.

Jade rollers are super easy to incorporate into your skincare ritual, making them a nice reprieve from other skincare tools that need to be plugged-in, recharged or require carefully reading directions. This is a great tool for all skin types, including sensitive.

One of my favorite tips for extra calming and inflammation reduction is to place the stone in the refrigerator or on ice before using. The smaller end of the roller feels cooling and soothing around the eye area, easily making it your best friend when you need to significantly iron out puffiness under tired eyes. Using the roller in this way is also one of my skincare tips for brides when they need to quickly eliminate any redness.

The Ritual:

Step 1. Begin with cleansed skin

Step 2. Apply a serum and or moisturizer.

Step 3. Start at the neck, gently glide Jade Roller in an upward motion to forehead

Step 4. Apply eye serum and roll from inner eye area towards the ear, draining excess fluid and taming redness.

+Use morning and/or evening to enrich your skincare ritual

+Wipe clean after each use

Jade rolling is a perfect example of beauty in simplicity so I hope to inspire your enjoyment in caring for your skin.

Allison x






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