by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

What the Pros Know

I recently came across some valuable skincare tips from top dermatologists to help cut through the noise and jargon.  Read below for the skin-care secrets to live by.

  • Joshua Zeichner: Vitamin C formulas that don’t contain any water are generally more stable and last longer than ones with water.
  • Jeanette Graf:  “I’ve seen patients apply sunscreen correctly before sun exposure, reapply, and still burn.  If you’re planning a tropical trip in the middle of winter, prepare your skin by applying sunscreen all over your face and body every night for a full month.  It has a cumulative effect on skin”.
  • Zoe Diana Draelos, Dermatologist: “I’d never touch up my foundation without wiping off my skin first-you’re pressing pollution in.”
  • David Bank: “If you have dark circles under your eyes, “retinol thickness collagen under the eyes in about a month, which makes the skin less transparent.”

Has your derm given you a great skincare tip?  Would you try any of the above tips?  Please share in the comments below.

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