by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

8 Sunscreen tips you need to know


Summer is coming and now is the time to make sure you have your sun protection game strong.  Below are eight tips to help make sure you’re equipped to thoroughly shield your skin from the sun.

Tip 1. Apply more product than you think you need.  Why? Many of us who apply SPF 30 are usually getting the efficacy of a 10 or 15 because we only apply a third of the recommended amount. Extra credit: apply several thin layers.

Tip 2. Don’t apply your sunscreen and think you are covered from 8 A.M. until your 10:30 coffee run, much less an alfresco lunch meeting.  The solution: use a mineral with powder with SPF to touch- up throughout the day.  I love the talc-free version Moondance from Ilia Beauty.

Tip 3. Try sun-protective clothing.  It’s so much easier than sunscreen to use correctly; you don’t have to worry about reapplying or sweating it off.  I love cute hats (find a brim that’s al least four inches wide to cover your forehead, nose, & cheeks). And yes, you’ll still need to wear sunscreen when under shade or an umbrella as UV ray’s reflect off sand, water and concrete.

Tip 4. Wear sunglasses. Pretty simple but all that unnecessary squinting adds up to more fine lines.  I also try to be diligent about keeping mine in their case since scratches let UVA rays through potentially damaging your eyes.

Tip 5. There are two spots often overlooked, the brows and hairline.  Try  a clear sunscreen on brows and blending with a spooley brush.  Spritz a spray sunscreen on the hairline and pat it on over part with a makeup wedge.  It’s important to include these two spots because derm’s typically find melanoma in these areas.  And since we are getting precise here, I’ll also recommend applying to your ears.

Tip 6.  Check the expiration date and store out of the sun.  I replace mine yearly.

Tip 7.  Wear sunscreen daily.  Even for errand-running. Even on a cloudy day.

Tip 8. Place your SPF with your other skincare products as you may be more likely to reach for it daily.


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