by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

The Five Skincare Products You Should Have


Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated to work wonders.  It just needs to be thoughtful.  So here are the five essentials everyone needs:


This is obvious but I have to place it top of the list.    For dry skin, choose a milky creamy or oil formula ( I love Pendulum Potion from May Lindstrom) and for oily,  breakout prone skin try a non-stripping gel.  I recommend cleansing twice a day for 60-90 seconds,  making sure to double cleanse at night.  Once you have a clean slate you’ll be ready for the next product…


Many options here, but the key is to not over exfoliate.  You’ll just end up causing sensitization and dehydration leading to imbalanced oil production and a compromised skin barrier.  You can choose a retinol, AHA, scrub or all three but just rotate them within your routine.   p.s.  please skip exfoliation before going for your facial- merci!


This is the product to spend your money on.  The lightweight consistency of a serum allows for their high potency and deeper delivery into the skin.  I rotate and layer serums containing vitamin c, peptides, antioxidants, and stem cells.


Even those with oily skin need to hydrate.  You don’t need to fear using moisturizers as there are formulations targeted to prevent and correct breakouts. Moisturizers are important for  locking any serums used underneath while protecting skin.  You could also choose to moisturize with an oil.  Oily skin types will want to ensure the product is formulated with oils beneficial for oily skin.


The SPF in your tinted moisturizer or foundation in not enough.  For adequate protection, I suggest using SPF 30+ under your makeup.  The SPF 10 in your foundation plus the SPF 30 in your chosen sun protectant does not equal SPF 40.  The trick is to layer because we rarely ever apply enough tinted moisturizer or foundation to equal the number on the bottle.   I prefer lightweight, non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide sunscreen formulas.  I use Marie Veronique, Luzern and a lovely powder from Ilia for spf touch-ups.

These are the basics beauties.  Once these five products are in place you can add masks, eye and neck treatments, peels,  et al.

Signing off for now but would love for you to share questions and say hello.



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