by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

Four Skincare Tips Everyone Should Know


Hello beauties!

Here are four essential tips anyone who wants to care for their skin should know.

Do Not Go To Sleep Without Cleansing Your Skin

When you skip cleansing you are smooshing makeup, dirt, oil, and debris i.e. particulate matter from environmental pollution into your skin which wreaks havoc, namely by breakouts and accelerated aging. Our body, including the skin regenerates itself while we sleep, making this the best time to give your skin replenishment. This also goes for the fellas!  For me, cleansing at night makes me feel like I am washing the day away and preparing for a fresh start.

Learn Your Skin Type

See an esthetician to learn and understand your skin type .  A professional will help eliminate the guesswork that goes into choosing what skincare products are best for you.  Self prescribing can exacerbate your skin concerns because you may choose a cleanser that’s too drying or a moisturizer with ingredients that are unknowingly causing sensitivity. It’s so important to buy products you like so don’t be afraid to ask for samples.  If you buy products you like you’ll be much more likely to use them.  Having the right tools in your bathroom coupled with consistency is what gives results.

Never Leave The House Without Sun Protection

Find an SPF you will wear daily and leave it next to the products you use each morning (read: not hidden under your sink). For the days you leave the house you will need an SPF in addition to the one in your tinted moisturizer or foundation.  Sun protection is the best way to prevent aging.  So simple yet so true.

Do Not Pick At Your Skin

Picking your spots can be so tempting when you notice a blemish but if  you aggravate the area you are likely to make the blemish worse.  Picking at your skin prolongs the healing process and often leads to scarring which then leaves an even longer lasting mark.  It’s best to treat the area with the prescribed amount of blemish product (no toothpaste or DIY’S please!) and let it heal.

Thanks for reading and I would love to know your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

Wishing you a good skinday!



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