by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

How to Wake Up with a Renewed Glow

I love masks for the extra boost of skin corrective ingredients they give to the skin.  Overnight sleep masks work differently to normal masks due to the prolonged, deep treatment they provide for skin. Being left undisturbed for a longer amount of time means that the product has time to absorb and take effect. This treats the skin on a deeper level with better results. They’re also more gentle on your skin in the long run. Some sleep masks have the same ingredients as powerful resurfacing creams but with a lower concentration and they use the time to remove dead skin cells gently over time, as opposed to a quick blast.

Overnight masks are of course great for overnight use but I’ll let you in on secret; I love to apply sleep masks during a weekend nap.  Depending upon what my plans are,  I’ll use one before going out on a Saturday evening or during a Sunday nap.  Since sleep masks are typically inconspicuous and absorb into the skin like a moisturizer, they won’t leave a residue on your pillowcase (& your significant other will be none the wiser).

Make sure to start with cleansed skin and apply to your face, neck, and décolleté ten minutes before you sleep to avoid residue from getting on your pillowcase and wasting vital product.

Sweet dreams beauties and may you wake with beautiful skin~

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