by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

Brighten Up

One of the top skincare concerns I I’m asked about is how to get rid of dark spots.The cause of uneven skin tone can vary from excessive sun exposure, a deep blemish that left a mark and hormonal imbalance.Hyper-pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance is called melasma and often shows up when taking birth control or during pregnancy. Melasma typically subsides once hormones are balanced or stop the trigger. It’s also important to note that some medications make skin more sun sensitive so make sure to check with your doctor, read the medication warning label wear and wear sunscreen daily.

With the close of summer its time to brighten the skin and reverse any damage incurred from sun exposure.  Below are a few tips to help fade any hyper-pigmented spots, revealing a more even skin tone.To really see results, you will have to be dedicated and diligent with your home-care.

Here are my top three brightening tips:

– Apply a Vitamin C serum underneath your AM moisturizer.  Vitamin C is not only an antioxidant but has the additional benefits of brightening the skin and enhancing the efficacy of your spf.

– Exfoliate regularly to reveal fresh new skin and remove dull skin cells.  Look for ingredients such as Lactic and Malic Acid, Pumpkin enzymes or Retinol.

– Use SPF rain or shine and look for a formula with Zinc and Titanium Oxide as physical blockers are the best at protecting skin prone to dark spots.

Wishing you a bright future!


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