by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

The Highlight of the day is a Clean Beauty Swap!

The Highlight of the day is a Clean Beauty Swap!
Makeup has never been my forte but when I do use it, I purchase products that are not going to harm my body with highly toxic ingredients. I purchased this pearlized illuminating serum during a recent visit to The Detox Market.  As an esthetician, it seems the dewier and glowier the skin, the better.  I love the luminosity that emanates from skin due to a healthy lifestyle but there are times I want a little something extra.  The Highlight Of The Day is available in three pretty shades (I’m applying After Hours) and feels more like a skincare serum than a makeup product due to its high quality antioxidant ingredients. For those of you looking for a brilliant highlighter that’s non-toxic this product receives my highest beauty marks.

Here are a few ways I like to use the illuminating serum:
-Applied on top of makeup for a bronze-golden glow
-Applied to bare skin to brighten on no makeup days to look like you, only better.
-Applied to tops of shoulders, collar bones or décolleté for a sunlit sheen

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