by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Keeping our makeup brushes should be considered part of our skincare routine. I recommend cleansing them once per week, especially if you are looking to banish breakouts.

Here is my how- to guide:

Step 1. Begin with a gentle, non-toxic cleanser such as Dr. Bronner’s.

Step 2. Dampen brushes under water, apply cleanser to your palm and swirl brush in your palm until a lather forms. You may have to repeat this process twice or until the water runs clear.

Step 3. Gently squeeze out excess water and reshape bristles.

Step 4. Lie brushes flat to dry. Set the bristles on a clean cloth or allow bristles to hang over the edge of a counter.


Photo credit goes to Olivia Jeczymk~




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