by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

5 Natural Beauty Products to Detox Your Makeup Bag

In my quest to eliminate toxic ingredients from my beauty routine as a whole,  I’ve replaced my toxic makeup with cleaner brands. This was a pretty easy process for me since I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I like to keep the focus on healthy skin because when the skin looks nice you don’t have to cover it up with layers of makeup. I suggest replacing your products piece by piece for those of you that have invested so much in and are attached to the Nars and Laura Mercier’s of the beauty world. I promise, clean beauty has come a long way and is definitely worth the switch. I would love all the big beauty brands to create safer products and know that each purchase I make is a vote towards keeping this shift in motion. My favorite places in LA to wander in and discover new makeup are Credo Beauty and The Detox Market. Think of them as Sephora’s cool, chic,  in-the-know sister.

Here are the current gems found in my carefully edited makeup bag for daytime: 
You can click on each title to jump to their websites.

Sappho Essential Foundation:
Finding the right foundation color and texture is so important.  I like this formula for its light to medium coverage.  It’s not overly dewy or matte,  leaving the skin with a soft glow. It also has the most calming, aromatic scent.

Utowa Eyelash Curler:
I discovered this at Violet Grey and haven’t strayed since. If I could only have one tool, an eyelash curler would the one I would have to have. I keep multiple on hand at all times.

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil:
I love these pencils, especially in the color Merlot.  I have to say it was not easy to let go of my beloved Nars eyeliners but once I tried these I have not looked back.   They’re soft but not too much so and can compete with the best of them with regards to staying power.

Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara:
It’s difficult to find a great natural mascara but this one from Lily Lolo doesn’t flake, makes my lashes super dark and is a great everyday essential.  I also love that it’s vegan.

RMS Signature Set:
I love this palette. Not only is it a great value but it comes with a nicely curated mix of the best RMS colors.  It’s perfect for when you’re on-the-go being that it has the all essentials a girl could ever need, including the cult favorite Living Luminizer.

I received ILIA’s tinted lip conditioner in the color Arabian Knights at a clean beauty event.  It’s a universally flattering color and a dead ringer for Clinique’s Black Honey.  I love how sheer yet not too sheer the color looks on the lips.  I wear this on days when I want to channel a French girl vibe of looking chic and polished without trying too hard.  It completely livens up my whole face.

Hope you enjoyed checking out what’s in my natural beauty bag.  Would love to know if you have any clean beauty must-have’s in the comments below.


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