by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

Skincare Lesson: How-to apply & layer eye products

In this video I am demonstrating how- to apply and layer eye products. The skin around eye area is thin and has the fewest oil glands contributing to why we see the early decline of the skin in this area. So, knowing that, I’m not messing around when it comes to caring for the skin around the eyes! Those of you with  concerns of puffiness and dryness will particularly love the layering tip. Below is a breakdown of what I am showing in the video:

+Distribute one drop of eye serum between your ring fingers- I recommend using the ring finger as it has the lightest of touch.

+Smooth the product in towards the nose and then out to temples. It’s important to be careful to not pull at the delicate skin in this area.

+Finish with gentle tapping motions.

++For extra attention you can repeat the process and layer an eye Cream on top of the serum. Finish with gentle tapping motions.

I hope this video inspires you to layer your eye products.


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