by Allison Marks

by Allison Marks

Probiotics in Skincare

We’ve all heard about taking probiotics orally for their potential gut and skin benefits but we can also apply probiotics topically through skincare products. There are a handful of skincare brands containing probiotics in their formulas and  I predict we’ll see more and more studies and focus on this ingredient for topical skincare. If you suffer from sensitive and or acne-prone skin you may want to introduce topical probiotics to help calm, clear and balance.

I have seen more and more clients with a compromised skin barrier due to overuse of cleansing and exfoliating products. Signs that you  may have a compromised skin barrier can present with symptoms like redness, itchiness, inflammation, dehydration, stinging or burning. Applying probiotics topically could be a good option for rebuilding the skin’s barrier that is often broken down by excessive cleansing, overuse scrubs, brushes, retinol, and alpha and beta hydroxy acids.  La Flore offers  clinical strength products with science behind them. With all the bands on the market it has become really important for me to know there are clinical studies behind claims. I found the Serum Concentrate to be the standout amongst lineup. I like how the serum contains aloe instead of water as the main ingredient along with live, pre and post-probiotics which are activated upon application. I would recommend this for sensitive and acne- prone skin types who are looking to balance, calm and rebuild their skin barrier with antioxidants coupled with probiotics. The cleanser is a has a gel/cream consistency and leaves a cooling sensation on the skin from spearmint so I would not recommend using this near your eye area. The moisturizer is very lightweight and feels more like a serum so if you have very dry skin, this may not be hydrating enough for your skin, although the instructions say to re-apply for additional hydration. 

If you have any skincare questions or topics you’d like discussed in a blog post please let me know!




* As always I do not write about or give recommend product recommendation unless I truly believe in the brand or product itself. These products were send to me and above is my honest experience.





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